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Senior sold “Secondary market annuities ” is derived from access funding scam victims of lead paint Baltimore

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Senior sold “Secondary market annuities ” is derived from access funding scam victims of lead paint Baltimore
by the Trustees is a structured settlement

While the news has focused on the alleged exploitation of the sacrifice of Baltimore is mostly cognitive disorders structured settlement by annuitants black access funding and alleged conspirator together (referred to as a scam by the regulator CFPB and Washington Post), we began to focus on the investors in this transaction, which sell this offer and what are the potential effects.

While some might assume that investors in these transactions are mostly hedge funds have the ability to absorb losses and pay legal fees to gain their rights, the reality is that some offers sold to individual investors as “secondary market annuities “, including senior citizens and pensioners, in States where the class annuity buyers are respected and protected.

access funding structured settlement

As part of the age of senior citizens and pensioners investors have received correspondence from INF village trust, Service Companies that access to funding was used, stated that “payment given to you has be a part of some court action which started in the State of Maryland. We have been told by one or more of the legal advisor of the insurance companies involved that they consider this claim to compete, for this reason they have decided to hold the payment until the matter will resolved in court.

Resolution of the INF believe according to the payees and putting conditions “to process sustainable and submit structured settlement ” by requiring that the payees are doing dangerous agreement which holds.

Senior citizens and pensioners term fiction “secondary market annuities ” by companies that make a market in structured investment issues solution. In reviewing marketing materials that one company is to offer a right, such as the Prosecutor in the “study intensive “. It is clear that the risk of the transaction not included in marketing materials. Senior citizens involved to understand what are annuities. One of the company explains “secondary market annuities ” is easier to say (despite the fact that they are not the annuity).

Somerset’s wealth strategies, Inc., upon information and belief placed some customers invest in derivatives structured settlement stems from Baltimore lead paint case, sold as “secondary market annuities “, and related to secondarymarketannuities website (dot) com and just stop selling “secondary market Annuities “, just listed as follows the risk at the time the investment is made by one of the right-hand side:

SMIAs are not deposits and are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). They can be partially guaranteed by the State guaranty Association but wealth strategies in Somerset to make any representation or warranty in this case.
SMIAs subject to interest rate risk. Market interest rates could rise while rates of return SMIA keyed in. ..
SMIAs are usually required to be held for extended periods and therefore don’t buy liquid
The question is how many seniors, retirees and may be a victim of injury (or believe they) offer for sale from fraud case Baltimore and their investment at risk? Somerset is considered as one of the most respected in the area. There’s enough to their warnings “assumption of risk and ” Defence?

Why settlement Planning, injury lawyers and judges need to sit up and take notice, now

Investors will buy (or buy) structured derivative solutions for revenue, transactional risk if fully disclosed in marketing materials, including but not limited to the possibility that if the validity of a qualified “The command ” questionable, they may have to pay legal fees to obtain their rights and can lose everything?

Some Planners placement, refrain as fiduciary, Te Awamutu structured derivative solutions for victims of injuries, a few managed to get this risk investment to be approved by the judge. Planning the placement of veteran who sits on the Board of Directors of the Registrar of societies Planning placement, marketing email sent to trial lawyers who refer to this as a bulk annuity investment (use “more sales from a structured settlement annuity solutions “) despite knowing that this is not for annuities.

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